Top 8 Best Firewood Racks for 2021

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, enjoying warm fire is one of the best ways to relax and unwind from daily stress. To have as few interruptions as possible to your zen time, make sure you have a proper firewood stack ready. This way, you’ll keep the fire going way longer before having to go to your firewood storage. Firewood racks are a great accessory to keep your firewood nicely stacked, reduce mess, and can even add to your household design. These days you can find racks of various sizes and designs, and the best part is they don’t cost a fortune. Today, we’re giving you our Top 8 Best Firewood Racks for 2021.

What to Consider When Buying a Firewood Rack

Size and Capacity

Best firewood racks
Large hoop rack

Before buying a firewood rack, think about what size would best fit your fireplace surroundings, how often you use the fireplace, and how long your sessions are.

If you like to keep your fire going for a long time, or even the whole day, pick a bigger rack so you won’t need to run to the firewood storage every couple of hours. 

However, make sure to keep in mind your fireplace area size. Some fireplaces are quite small, so a big firewood rack might look very bulky or even get in the way for people to move around.

A 16 to 26-inch firewood rack should be more than enough for small to medium fireplaces.


built in rack

Most firewood racks are made from wrought iron, stainless steel, or other hard metals. Anything weaker than that, and you might end up with a flimsy rack that is prone to bending or even collapsing. We would suggest staying away from anything plastic; it’s just not durable or sturdy enough for firewood. 

It’s also important to mention that racks made from heavy metals can have a hollow inside; this makes the rack lighter, cheaper, but not as sturdy. We personally like the non-hollow ones if the price is not too steep.

Indoor or Outdoor 

best firewood racks
indoor and outdoor rack

You’ll have no trouble keeping any of the racks indoor or outdoor as long as they can resist outside weather. If you’re planning to keep your rack outside, make sure it’s powder-coated to reduce paint flaking, rusting, and corrosion. Additionally, think about getting a rack cover to keep your wood dry and prolong your rack’s lifespan.

Most of the smaller racks are designed to be indoors; they’ll have a smaller capacity to fit near a fireplace, have a hanger for fireplace tools, kindling, and fire starters.


designer firewood rack

No matter if you’re looking for a modern minimalistic rack or an old rustic one for country houses, there’s a variety of different designs to fit any fireplace and house vibe. If you don’t have any fireplace tools, you can also find racks with tools included. Some racks even have separate shelves for fire starters or small kindling, but these extra accessories usually come with a higher price.

Best Firewood Rack Reviews

PHI VILLA 17 Inch Small Firewood Log Rack

Phi Villa is a small firewood rack measuring 17 x 13 x 16 inches for someone with a small fireplace for an occasional relaxing evening by the fire. 

The rack is straightforward to assemble and comes with a detailed manual; all you need is a wrench and a screwdriver.

The Phi Villa rack is sturdy since it’s made from thick steel tubing to hold a maximum of 150 lbs. of firewood. Honestly, you probably couldn’t even fit that much firewood on this rack. You can also leave this rack outside because of the double powder-coated finish that heavily increases durability and longevity. 

This is just a great simple small firewood rack with a classic but sturdy design.

Key Features:

  • Thick steel tubes make it sturdy and durable.
  • Double powder-coated finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Fit for outdoor use


  • It might be a bit small for medium-large fireplaces.

Everflying Fireplace Log Rack with 4 Tools

The Everflying log rack is a perfect option for an indoor fireplace if you are tight on space. The rack is much taller instead of being wider, measuring 28.7 x 15.7 x 11.8 inches. This allows you to store more wood vertically and fit the rack into smaller spaces near your fireplace.

The steel black powder-coated rack is easy to assemble and features two shelves, with the bottom one having a steel plate to reduce rubbish on the ground. You can use the bottom shelving for magazines, fire starters, or as extra space for firewood.

The rack comes with four tools (poker, shovel, broom, and tongs) that can be hung on the side of the frame. If you don’t mind the higher price point, the Everflying Fireplace Rack Set is the best small firewood rack on our list to keep your fireplace tidy, neat, and good-looking.

Key Features:

  • Four tools to keep fireplace organized and tidy
  • Space-saving horizontal design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy steel tubing


  • A bit expensive

DOEWORKS 23 Inches Solid Steel Log Hoop

DOEWWORKS firewood hoop rack is a stunningly beautiful, probably the best-looking firewood rack on our list, yet a very minimalistic product. Made from solid steel and finished with a black powder-coat, it is extremely sturdy, despite the steel hoops looking thin.

This firewood hoop rack can be used indoors and outdoors since it’s sprayed with anti-rust oil to prevent rust, corrosion and extend lifespan.

The 23-inch width rack is perfect for small-medium fireplaces and can keep 15-20 medium-sized logs. Additionally, It comes as a single piece, with no assembly required. Just unpack, fill it with firewood and enjoy the view.

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic design
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors use
  • No assembly required
  • Very sturdy build
  • Portable


  • None

Weven Industrial Heavy Duty Firewood Log Rack

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty, high quality, and also good looking, check out the Weven firewood rack. This industrial-style log rack is truly a stunning piece that will not only keep your firewood in place but will also add a sophisticated touch to your fireplace.

You’ll have no trouble assembling this rack with just a wrench and a screwdriver. The sturdy firewood rack measures 19.7 x 13.8 x 37.4 inches and can hold up to 300 lbs. of firewood. Compared to other log racks, the Weven rack has more depth, so even when it’s packed up to the brim, it stays very stable.

Known for excellent rust and corrosion resistance, the Weven Industrial firewood rack can be used indoors and outdoors. However, we always advise covering your metal firewood racks if you want to increase their life span.

All in all, this is probably the best firewood rack if you want something sturdy to hold more firewood.

Key Features: 

  • Very sturdy
  • Heavy duty
  • Industrial-style look
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Vertical build holds more and takes less space.
  • Adjustable floor mats


  • The rough industrial look might not fit every fireplace.
  • Not very portable

Patio Watcher 3-Foot Firewood Rack Wood Storage Log Holder

Patio Watcher firewood rack is the best firewood rack for indoors on our list. It’s an excellent product that comes with additional accessories to facilitate maintenance of the fireplace and space around it. The 33 x 13 x 30 inches 25 lbs. frame is made from heavy-duty, durable steel and a double-coated finish to protect from rust or corrosion (can be used outdoors).

As mentioned above, this firewood rack is very versatile as it comes with four tools (poker, broom, shovel, and tongs) to help maintain fire and space around it. Additionally, on the other side of the rack, you have a fire starter or small kindling holder to have everything organized and still on one rack. The rack is also raised 4 inches from the ground to allow better airflow to keep the wood dry or protect from insects if kept outside.

If you have enough space near your fireplace, the Patio Watcher is a versatile firewood rack with a beautiful classic look and a versatile design.

Key features:

  • Sturdy build
  • Versatile design to hold small and large kindling
  • Beautiful classic look
  • Four tools included
  • Large capacity
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor.


  • Required a bit of assembling

Firewood Rack Log Rack 24 Inch

The Ucared 24-inch firewood is perfect for small fireplaces and tight spaces. The minimalistic durable steel construction firewood rack is very sturdy yet weighs only 11 lbs. Its weight and size make it portable and easy to relocate to your patio or back inside. If you decide to keep it outside, a black powder-coat will protect the rack from rust and corrosion during rainy or snowy weather.

This small firewood rack is easily assembled with a provided tool and measures 24 x 11.8 x 24 inches when built. It can hold enough firewood for small to medium fireplaces or shorter bonfire sessions.

The Ucared small firewood rack is well built, portable, and has a very unintrusive, minimalistic design. The only downfall we see is the higher price compared to similar size log racks.

Key features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy-duty sturdy construction
  • Perfect to use inside or outside
  • Minimalistic design


  • Quite small
  • A bit expensive for a 24-inch rack

Ucared Firewood Racks Heavy Duty Log Rack 47 Inch

Here we have another Ucared product.  This time, it’s a large firewood rack, primarily for outdoor use. The 47 x 11.8 x 24 inches heavy-duty log rack is excellent for large fireplaces or long evenings by your fire pit. By no means are we claiming that it’s for outdoor use only; if you have enough space indoors, you can use it there as well!

The construction is made from the same powder-coated durable steel as the 24-inch version. The rack is easily assembled in around 10 minutes, and we love that the rack feet have adjustable mats so you can adjust individual feet for uneven surfaces.

The minimalistic industrial look can be tailored to most classic and modern exteriors without standing out too much.

If you don’t want anything fancy or sophisticated, the Ucared 47-inch rack is the best large firewood rack on our list that doesn’t cost a fortune while still being sturdy and long-lasting.

Key features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for large fireplaces or fire pits
  • A clean, minimalistic industrial look
  • Adjustable floor mats
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Great price


  • None

SnugNiture Firewood Log Storage Rack Bracket Kit

Looking for a cheaper option and don’t mind some DIY work? The SnugNiture firewood rack bracket kit allows you to customize your log rack to precisely the size you want. The kit includes 2x brackets and 25x screws. To build the rack, you need to purchase your own 2 x 4s. 

The assembly does require some work but is pretty straightforward. Measure and cut your 2 x 4s in whatever length and height you want your rack to be, insert into the brackets and attach with the provided screws. 

We love that you can customize the size of the rack to your needs. You can build a small 24-inch rack for indoors or a large up to 10 feet length outdoors firewood storage rack.

SnugNiture also paid a lot of attention to details. The brackets are not only powder-coated to last longer but also have holes to drain water and seal strips to hold the 2 x 4s tightly.

This bracket kit should last you a very long time. Even if your 2 x 4s break, rot, or wear out, you can change them with new ones, and the rack will be brand new!

Key features:

  • Sturdy and long-lasting brackets
  • Customizable rack size
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.


  • Requires some DIY work
  • It could be a touch higher off the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep should the firewood rack be?

Usually, the depth of the firewood rack depends on the length of firewood you use. The standard average firewood length is 16 inches. If you use a small firewood rack with a depth of 10 inches and stack it with 16-inch logs, you run the risk of the rack tipping over. We advise using 12-inch and deeper racks for standard logs for safety reasons, especially if you stack them relatively high.

Do I need to cover my firewood rack?

Yes and No. In general, firewood needs to dry out when it’s fresh and stay that way to avoid rotting. If your firewood rack is indoors, you don’t need a cover; however, it’s unavoidable you’ll have rain or snow when the rack is outside. Some rain or snow is ok since wood dries pretty quickly, but if precipitation is frequent, a cover is advised to keep your firewood dry and prolong your rack’s lifespan.

Top 7 Best Firewood Carriers in 2021

If you ever owned or wood-burning fire pit, a chimenea or a fireplace, you know the hassle of carrying kindling from your storage back to the fireplace. Leaving your cozy and warm seat is bad enough, but on top of it, you get all your clothes dirty while leaving a trail of dirt, leaves, or crumbs from the wood when carrying it by hand. Keep your house and clothes clean and enjoy longer fires with a firewood carrier! Check out our Top 7 Best Firewood Carriers in 2021 to make wood carrying less of a chore and keep the fire blazing longer.

What to Consider Before Buying a Firewood Carrier?

Length of the Carrier

man using a firewood bag
firewood basket

You’ll find that there are different length carriers ranging from 20 to 30 inches in length. Think about what kind of logs you usually use. If you’re stocked on 8 – 10 inches kindling for a very small fireplace or a mini chiminea[1] , then probably a shorter carrier makes more sense. Standard or bigger logs will need a longer carrier; of course, anything around 25 – 30 inches in length should be plenty. If you’re not sure what size logs you’ll be using, just go for a bigger firewood bag; the price difference is usually very minimal.

Size and Capacity

small mesh carrier

But we already talked about length? Yes, but the carrier’s size and how much firewood it can carry depends on the height and width. Large firewood carriers are great because you need fewer trips to the storage during those long evenings by the fire. You can also just use a large log carrier instead of a firewood rack and just keep the firewood inside. Large carriers are great for long sessions, but small ones are usually more convenient to carry and don’t take up a lot of space.


firewood in white bag

You can find firewood carriers made from leather, canvas, cotton, or a mixture of all of them. Which one to choose? Well, it’s honestly up to your liking. Leather is usually more expensive, has great durability, and looks fantastic. Cotton is probably the cheapest but not as durable or nice. The heavy-duty waxed canvas is an excellent option since it’s not that expensive and made to last while very easy to clean.


mesh firewood bag

To make firewood log carrying easier, look for a bag that has handles along with shoulder straps to distribute weight to the upper body. Secondly, a firewood fastener is an excellent accessory, so your logs don’t slide around or fall out. Some carriers also feature a pocket to store your gloves so you won’t misplace them.

Best Firewood Carrier Reviews

Amagabeli Firewood Carrier Bag

This beautiful brown firewood carrier is 18 inches in length and 38 inches wide when unfolded. You’ll have no trouble fitting standard 16-inch logs. A very wide bag allows packing as much firewood as you can carry, while the waxed canvas is adequately secured with straps going around the carrier to avoid ripping or tearing.

The waxed canvas is water-resistant and dirt-proof, so it won’t need frequent cleaning since any liquid will just run down most of the time. However, if you want to extend the bag’s longevity, avoid leaving it outside in moisture or rain.

This firewood carrier’s only downfall is the double D ring strap to secure firewood. It’s a hassle to secure it properly, especially with gloves. Other than that, Amagabeli is a stylish one of the best firewood log carriers for its price.

Key features:

  • Good size and capacity
  • Nice brown waxed canvas
  • Water-resistant and dirt-proof
  • Cheap


  • D ring strap not practical

BONTHEE Extra Large Waterproof Firewood Log Carrier

If you hate making multiple trips to get firewood during long sessions by the fire, we suggest getting Bonthee extra-large firewood log carrier. This carrier is 23.6 x 11.8 x 19.7 inches in size and can fit even 20+ inches length logs if you have a big fireplace. If needed, you can fit up to 15kg of firewood.

Besides the huge capacity, we love the design of the bag. You have a regular handle and an over-the-shoulder strap for a more ergonomic carrying of heavier loads. The straps also go all the way around the bag, making it more robust.

Bonthee’s extra-large firewood carrier is waterproof so that you can use it during any weather or with any type of wood. If the bag gets stained or soiled, the heavy-duty canvas can be easily cleaned with a brush and some soap. This is definitely one of the best firewood carriers for large loads.

Key features:

  • Extra large
  • Over-shoulder straps
  • Waterproof
  • Rivet reinforced
  • Wall pocket
  • Easy to fold


  • Canvas not waxed

Stanbroil Firewood Carrier & Log Tote, Log Holder

You’re at the bottom of your budget but hate carrying wood by hand? Stanbroil log holder is the best budget firewood carrier on our list. For an extremely low price, you get a 35-inch length and 17.5-inch height firewood tote that is made from a durable waterproof canvas. This large bag can fit different firewood log sizes and is fully enclosed to protect any scraps, dirt, or water from spilling on the floor.

The canvas does look a bit thinner and maybe not as nice as most other bags, but you can’t ask more from a firewood carrier for such a price. Stanbroil even gives a 1-year warranty if the log tote is not up to standards.

Key features:

  • Budget price
  • Strong canvas
  • Easily folded
  • 1-year warranty


  • It might not last as long as other bags.
  • Not very pretty

Cougar Outdoor – The Ultimate Log Carrier

Cougar Outdoor company should already give it away that this log carrier will be heavy-duty and able to hold heavy loads. The 24 x 17 x 12 inches 1200 denier canvas is very sturdy and built to last. There are also double-stitched external trims around every seam to provide more robustness.

You can use this not only for firewood carrying but any other gardening or household chores. If it gets dirty, just spray it with a hose or scrub with a soapy brush and leave it to dry.

This firewood carrier isn’t made for people who want a beautiful bag to sit as a decor piece by the fireplace. The looks are pretty plain and indistinguishable. Another weakness of the bag is that it doesn’t stand well when empty, even though it’s advertised that it does.

Despite these minor disadvantages, it’s definitely one of the best large firewood carriers if you don’t care about the looks and want something heavy-duty. The budget price is also a bonus!

Key features:

  • Heavy duty
  • Great price
  • Extra large
  • Water-resistant
  • Two handles


  • Plain looks
  • Doesn’t stand up when empty

LogOX WoodOX Sling – The World’s Most Ergonomic Firewood Log Carrier

Have a weak back or just want to avoid bending and kneeling as much as possible while on firewood duty? LogOX has manufactured an unconventional firewood carrier which they call the world’s most ergonomic carrier. We haven’t tried many other ergonomic carriers, but the WoodOX sling is extremely easy to load and unload.  You put one strap over your shoulder and slide one hand into the loop. This way, all the weight is distributed to the upper body while eliminating the need to bend and load the carrier.

The patented firewood carrier is made from natural cotton canvas and strong nylon straps to last numerous seasons. If you need to carry firewood at night, there’s even an LED light to illuminate the surroundings.

The WoodOX Sling does come at a high price but is a fantastic carrier for more ergonomic and faster firewood trips.

Key features:

  • Very ergonomic design
  • Natural cotton canvas
  • Very easy to load and unload
  • LED light for night trips
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive

INNO STAGE Waxed Canvas Firewood Log Carrier

The Inno Stage firewood carrier could probably be mistaken for a stylish duffel bag, at least from afar. The beautiful design with scratch-resistant waxed canvas and leather-like handles will tempt other household residents to take over the firewood carrying chore.

The Inno Stage log carrier is 23.4 x 10 x 11.4 inches in size and can easily fit any standard size logs. The 16oz waxed canvas and reinforced handles make the bag sturdy even when holding heavy loads. One of the main disadvantages is that the bag doesn’t stand when empty and makes it a touch harder to load.

If you want to look stylish on firewood duty, the Inno Stage log bag is made for you. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful firewood carrier on our list and probably on the market in general.

Key features:

  • Stylish design
  • Large capacity
  • Comfortable handles
  • Water-resistant
  • Waxed canvas
  • Very durable


  • It doesn’t stand well when empty.

Snitsla Carrywood – A Firewood Log Carrier

The Snitsla firewood log carrier is a versatile bag that can be used not only for kindling carrying but also for various other gardening or landscaping chores. Three side pockets allow you to hold gloves or various tools.

Use a comfortable shoulder strap for a more ergonomic carry or short handle if the load is lighter. If needed, you can fit even 18-inch logs into this attractive bag. The 16 oz waxed cotton canvas is durable, water and dirt resistant, but most importantly, comfortable.

Our only frustration is with the double D rings for the fastener strap; it takes too long to secure the load and sometimes just doesn’t work at all. Other than that, it’s an excellent firewood carrier that can be used for various other chores around the house or backyard.

Key features:

  • Beautiful design
  • Shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Side pockets
  • Multi-purpose
  • Strap to secure firewood
  • 1-year warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Double D rings are a hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my firewood carrier outside?

Yes, you can; most of the firewood bags are made from robust canvas, which is water and dirt-resistant. However, leaving your carrier wet for a long time is not advised. The moisture on the canvas combined with various pieces of wood chips, leaves, and dirt will start growing mold and will ruin your carrier. As a general rule, keep your firewood carrier dry, whether it’s inside or outside.

Can I store wood in my firewood bag?

Of course! The carrier is not only to transport the kindlings but also to keep them by the fireplace. If you don’t have a convenient firewood rack[2]  nearby to nicely stack your logs, just leave it in the carrier to avoid making a mess on the floor or hearth.

How to clean my firewood carrier?

If your carrier got some mold on it from wet firewood sitting in there for a long time or it just got really dirty, you can easily clean it. If your firewood carrier is made from leather, just grab a wet cloth, add a couple of drops of dish soap and scrub the stains; just make sure to rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly so no soap residue is left.

If it’s a cloth canvas, then just grab a scrub brush, wet the canvas with some warm water, add a few drops of dish soap and scrub until the stains are gone. The harsh scrub brush usually does the trick and doesn’t damage the carrier since most of them are made from a heavy-duty waxed canvas. As always, make sure to dry the carrier before storing it away.

Top 7 Best Fire Pit Mats in 2021

So you’ve bought your wood-burning fire pit and are enjoying cozy evenings by the fire, but are you protecting your deck? Flying sparks, embers, or the heat from a metal fire pit itself can damage, melt, or even set your deck on fire if it’s not heat resistant. Hot charcoal can be up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, so if your fire pit bowl is stationed on the deck or close to it, you can expect severe damage in the long term. Fire pit mats or protective padding is a cheap way to protect your deck and an extra step to make your household safer. Today, we’re giving you our list of Top 7 Best Fire Pit Mats in 2021 to protect your deck and backyard from damage.

When Do I Need a Fire Pit Mat?

hot fire
coffee over a fire

If you’re placing your wood-burning fire pit on a combustible (vinyl, wood, PVC, etc.) deck, you’ll most likely need a fire pit mat underneath it. A short base fire pit or fire bowl that sits directly on the deck can get very hot and may melt, damage the finish, or burn your deck. If you’ve positioned your fire pit on the grass, a fire pit mat can be a great way to protect it from burns and having scorched grass patches in the backyard. 

If you have a propane gas fire pit that sits quite low on the deck, you might also need protective padding underneath it. Gas fire pits don’t create as much heat as wood fire pits, but if they sit low enough on the deck, they might damage it. If you want to keep your deck in pristine condition, think about getting a heat-proof fire mat for your gas fire pit too.

Fire Pit Mats and Pads Materials

fire pit mat and supplies

Most of the fire pit mats are made from fiberglass or fire-retardant film. They are good enough to protect the underneath surface from flying embers, ashes, and heat from the pit itself if it does not directly sit on the mat. The majority of these mats will warn that there should be at least 6 to 10 inches of space between the mat and the fire pit bowl.

If your fire bowl is not standing on any legs and directly sits on the ground, you should look into firmer pads made of volcanic rock fiber or a thicker metal heat-resistant shield.

Best Fire Pit Mat Reviews

Fireproof Pros 36″ Fire Pit Mat

US-based FireProof Pros released a series of next generation fire pit mats for under your firepit. Unlike other fire pit pads, this flame retardant heat shield is over 6mm thick with a vast mix of materials to give more heat protection for your grass, patio, concrete, wood deck, and other areas. 

This is a true 3-layered fire pit mat, which can block heat transfer from fallen embers for up to two minutes, where this is not possible with the thinner mats or lesser quality materials.

  • The top layer is a heat reflective and blocking aluminum and fiberglass/silica mix that has been made more peel resistant so your mat will last long.
  • The middle layer of this mat was designed for flame resistance and to slow heat transfer through that mat. 
  • The bottom layer is made of more non combustible and non-slip material so the mat does not slide when used.

The three layers are bound together with a fireproof Kevlar thread that is also treated with heat resistant coatings to help keep this mat together and lasting longer after many uses. This is not something you see with most other self proclaimed “protective mats.”

It comes with a convenient weatherproof storage/carrying case that allows you to store this mat away or take it with you.
This fire pit mat is designed for fire pits with legs with at least 4″ of height between the metal bottom and the mat. So you will not want to use fire pits made completely of metal with a solid metal base of fire bowls or grills where the heat source is directly above the mat within the recommended 4 inches. 
With all these features, this is the highest quality fire pit mat on our list giving longer protection from intense heat, longer lasting for many uses, and higher heat blocking materials. 

Key features: 

  • Incredible quality
  • 6mm thick
  • Fire resistant stitching
  • More peel resistant
  • Better ember protection
  • Weatherproof carrying case
  • US based customer service and support


  • The one downside would be the aluminized top which may not be as attractive as you’d like. 

Uterstyle Fire Pit Mat

Here we have a 36 x 36-inch fire pit mat from Uterstyle. This large fire pit mat is made from high-quality fiberglass that lasts a long time. The flexible and large mat can be used under any fire pit, bbq, or chiminea to protect from stains or heat as long the fire source is not sitting directly on the mat. 

This large fire pit mat can be used on any deck, patio, and grass. We would advise being cautious when using it on the grass. Thin fire pit mats may not be enough to protect the grass if your fire pit bowl is very close to the ground. You could fold the mat in half and double it as an extra precaution to keep the grass from getting burnt.

Considering the low price, the Uterstyle fire pit mat is the best budget fire pit mat on our list. It is very versatile, easy to fold and store, and doesn’t cost a fortune. The only disadvantage we can think of is the plain white/cream color, which might not fit with everyone’s backyard style or color scheme.

Key features:

  • Great price
  • Versatile
  • Easy to fold
  • Large coverage


  • Plain color

Fireside Outdoor Ground Ember Fire Mat

Fireside Outdoor is a well-established brand specializing in portable fire pits, protective mats, and fire covers to keep campers and nature safe from fire hazards. The Ground Ember Fire Mat is probably their best product in terms of quality and heat protection. 

The large 67 x 60-inches mat will protect from even furthest flying embers or grease splashes. It comes with a 1-year warranty and meets all USFS & BLM fire blanket regulations.  The mat is coated in food-grade silicone, making it easy to handle, won’t cause itching, and won’t transfer fibers if food is dropped on it. 

Ground Ember Fire Mat is designed to stay in place even in windy conditions. There are eight stainless steel edge grommets to keep it in place during high winds. Additionally, the reflective edges make it easy to see at night time.

This fire pit mat comes at a higher price compared to other mats, but high quality, versatility, and large size make it the best fire pit mat on our list.

Key features:

  • Great quality 
  • Very large
  • Versatile
  • Coated with food-grade silicone
  • Grommets to secure to surface
  • Reflective edges for night use


  • High price

Newtex Fire Pad Deck Protector 24-inch

This small fire pit mat is great if you want to be extra careful on your wood, PVC, or vinyl deck. The Newtex 24-inch fire pad will fit underneath most small to medium-sized fire pits. The Z-flex aluminized fabric technology can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat and stay cool to the touch. The multilayer of industrial-grade high-quality fibers used in this military-grade fire containment cover provides an impenetrable fire barrier to protect your deck or grass.

The company claims that this USA-made product is 3x better at keeping the temperature under 200 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the competition. 

Being made and tested in the USA, the mat comes at a higher price but is still affordable to anyone. If you want to take extra care of your deck, consider the Newtex fire pad as it is the best small fire mat on our list.

Key features:

  • Aluminized fabric to reflect heat
  • High quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Portable and easy to store


  • High price

WELLUCK 40 Inch X 40 Inch Ember Mat

Here we have a square fire pit mat from WELLUCK that is 40 x 40-inches in size and is perfect even for large fire pits or BBQs. 

You’ll find that the middle of the mat has a reflective layer to reflect the majority of radiant heat. Additionally, this fire pit mat also uses dual-aluminized technology designed to protect from the heat of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The mat can be secured to the deck or ground using the stainless steel grommets in the corners. This will keep the mat in place during strong winds and protect people from tripping over the mat.

If the sand color doesn’t bother you, then the WELLUCK Ember Mat is a great cheap pick for a large fire pit mat. It will cover a large area from sparks and embers and can be easily secured. Finally, the thin mat is easy to fold and store away when not in use.

Key features:

  • Dual aluminized material to reflect most heat
  • Very large
  • Cheap
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Grommets to secure to the surface


  • Dull colors

ROLOWAY Fire Pit Mat

Here we have a 36-inch round mat from ROLOWAY, a company specializing in fire-resistant and safety products. The 3-layer heat-resistant mat is designed to withstand up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit heat. 

The design of this mat consists of three important layers. The 1st layer of aluminized fiberglass reflects radiant heat (up to 95%).  The 2nd layer of thermal insulation cotton slows down the heat transfer and isolates it.  Finally, the 3rd layer of silicone-coated fiberglass adds extra protection to the surface underneath it.

Light and easy to fold, this mat is perfect for camping and storing. The aluminized front and silicone back are very easy to clean from grease or other food drippings. The mat is also waterproof and is not afraid of moisture.

The aluminized front does make it stand out and probably won’t go with most deck or patio designs; however, the budget price cannot be overlooked if you want extra protection for your deck or grass.

Key features:

  • Cheap
  • High-quality three-layer design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof


  • Aluminized front is too eye-catchy

Huttoly Fire Pit Mat 67 x 60 inches

Hate those little sparks and ember pieces that fly out of the fire pit and ruin your deck finish? Have really dry grass most of the year and want to be extra safe around the fire? Then check out Huttoly mat, one of the best large fire pit mats on our list.

The 67 x 60-inch deck protector is large enough to catch flying sparks even from larger fire pits or BBQ grills. 

The three layers consist of a fiberglass middle layer and thick silicone-coated outside layers. Compared to aluminized coatings that reflect the heat radiation, liquid silica gel doesn’t reflect the heat or let it through and can withstand heat up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is enough when using most fire pits or grills as long as they stay 10-inches above the mat.

The Huttoly fire pit mat is great for camping and even everyday use since it is very easy to fold and unfold. If you like to stay by the fire at night, there are reflective strips and holes to fasten the mat to the ground for extra safety.

Key features:

  • Extra large
  • Sturdy 3 layer mat
  • Portable and great for camping
  • Grommets to fasten the mat to the surface
  • Reflective strips for night use


  • Aluminized front is very eye-catchy

Northland Online Deck Defender & Grass Guard

If you have a wood-burning fire bowl pit that sits very low to the ground and is not elevated enough, almost none of the fire mats will be helpful. The extreme temperature from hot charcoal will burn through the mat and damage your deck or grass. Therefore, you need a heat shield like the Northland deck defender and grass guard.

This shield made in the USA by Northland Metal Industries is 100% fire-proof aluminum metal construction and comes with a 2-year warranty. The two-piece construction is designed to create air space between the layers for a better insulation effect. 

The sturdy and stable construction allows placing it on any patio, deck, or even uneven surfaces like grass or gravel. This 26 x 26-inch sized platform will fit most regular fire pits and requires them to stand no lower than 2-inches.  This is significant since most fire pit mats require at least 6 to 10-inches of space between the mat and fire bowl.

If you don’t mind the heavier weight and are looking for a sturdy option, then the Northland Online Deck Defender & Grass Guard is a great fire pit shield for you. Long-lasting, sturdy construction, and a great warranty make up for the heavier price.

Key features:

  • 100% fire-proof aluminum construction
  • Heavy duty
  • Long-lasting
  • Made in the USA


  • High price

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Fire Pit Mat on a Wood Deck?

Fire pit mats protect wood decks from radiant heat coming down the pit, shooting sparks, embers, grease, and food drippings. If you have a fire pit that can stand 20-inches or higher from the deck, you most likely don’t need heat protection.

However, the mat also protects from flying sparks and embers that could leave small burn marks in just a few seconds. Finally, most fire pit mats are easier to clean than wood decks if any oil or food drips out of the pit.

Do I Need a Fire Pit Mat on Grass?

Not necessarily, but a fire pit mat will protect your grass from being damaged. Fire pits can easily scorch the grass if they have short legs, and you’ll end up with a yellow patch of burnt grass in your backyard.

If your grass is constantly dry, then having a fire pit with no protection is a real fire hazard. A large fire mat covering as much area as possible would be best for dry grass to avoid sparks and flying embers igniting the grass.

What Size Fire Pit Mat Do I Need?

If you need a fire pit mat only for heat protection, then you can go for a smaller 24 – 26-inches mat to place directly under your fire pit. As long as they are the same size and not smaller than your actual fire pit, your deck underneath should be protected.

However, if you want extra safety from sparks, embers, or oil and food drippings, go for larger mats. The more area you cover, the safer your deck base or grass will be. Anything over 36-inches should do the trick.

Be aware that a fire pit mat is not a guarantee that you will not cause a fire.  Wind can carry hot embers a very long distance, so you must always keep your fire under control and pay attention to weather conditions that may prove hazardous.

Do I Need a Fire Pit Mat for a Chiminea Fire Pit?

Yes, even though chiminea fire pits create less heat than wood-burning fire pits, they still should have a protective heat-resistant mat if they stand very close to the grass or combustible deck. Remember, chiminea fire pits are much heavier and should be set on a very stable base.

Top 7 Best Chimineas For Your Backyard in 2021

Add a bit more authenticity, sophistication, and rustic atmosphere to your garden with a chiminea fire pit. This pear-shaped outdoor fire pit has been used for warmth and cooking for over 400 years, with origins tracing back to Spain and Mexico. These days chimineas are gaining even more popularity because of their exquisite looks that add character and authenticity to your garden or a backyard. Take a look at our list of the top 7 best chimineas for your backyard in 2021 to find the perfect option for your garden.

What to Consider Before Buying a Chiminea?

Size and Shape

Chiminea on patio
Txspiderman81, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Depending on your needs, you might want a larger or smaller chiminea. If you’re looking for a cozy night outside on your patio with your significant other, then a small chiminea is perfect. If you’re looking to provide warmth for a group of friends, go for a chiminea with a larger base so it would fit more fuel. Larger chimineas are quite similar to big wood-burning fire pits with mesh on top, except the pits don’t have chimneys to collect some of the smoke. Just remember, the larger the chiminea, the more care and maintenance it might need.


Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Chimineas are all about the looks! Traditional-looking ones are pear-shaped with a bubbly bottom and chimney going upwards. They are excellent if you’re looking for something rustic and need to provide heat to a smaller area. If you want to do some grilling and provide heat for a larger area, you might want to go for a chiminea with a mesh. It will provide a 360 degrees view of the fire and usually has more space for grilling. However, you’ll have more smoke coming through the mesh instead of going out the chimney, and if the steel supports rust away, you will be left with an open fire pit.


Traditional chimineas are made out of clay, usually by hand. These authentic chimineas are much heavier than most metal ones and require a lot of maintenance and care. For first-time buyers, we suggest staying away from clay chimineas. They look amazing but are extremely fragile, heavy, expensive, and require a ton of care.

The most common choice these days are metal chimineas. You’ll be able to find cast iron, cast aluminum, steel, or even copper chimineas. If you want something very sturdy, go for cast iron or cast aluminum. Steel and copper chimineas are very easy to move around if you decide to rearrange your backyard, but they are also prone to corrosion and rust.


Chimineas usually don’t have a lot of accessories. A chiminea might have a wood grate at the bottom to provide more airflow for your fuel, but it is not a necessity since most chimineas usually have an air vent. If you want to cook, grill or smoke something, look at a chiminea that allows inserting a grilling grate. Some chimineas have mesh in the build to protect you from jumping embers.


Top 7 Best Chiminea Reviews

Esschert Design FF109 Small Terrace Heater

Esschert FF109 is a genuine cast iron chimenea for people looking to add extra coziness and a small fire source on their patios. Its dimensions are 15.75 x 14.96 x 27.95 inches and weighs 46 lbs. since it’s made from cast iron. Yes, it weighs quite a bit and is not very portable, but the whole cast iron construction is exceptionally sturdy and durable. It also comes with a lid for the top to protect against rain and unnecessary debris falling inside.

Don’t be mistaken and think that it won’t produce enough heat. This black beauty might be petite, but it packs a punch. When you have a proper fire going, cast iron gets really hot and will heat 6-8 feet around the chiminea. Depending on your patio or backyard layout, that might be enough to heat 4-8 people around the chiminea. If you want, you can also pop a grill grate on the tube top and cook some food.

The 14-inch mouth on this chimenea and a smaller chamber does limit the size of logs and kindling you can use. Anything over 8 inches in length will be hard to fit inside.

Other than that, the FF109 is one of the best small chimineas currently on the market that will add a rustic look and exclusive style to your outdoor living space.

Key features:

  • Cast iron construction
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Authentic design
  • High heat output
  • Cheap


  • The small body requires short logs.

B H & G C0. Antique Bronze Cast Iron Chiminea

If you’re looking for something more elegant and sophisticated than a simple firewood burning fire pit, B H & G chiminea might be a perfect option for you. The 46-inch height chiminea has a 360 degrees view of the fire through a thin mesh. A large 28-inches width chamber allows you to hold a lot of wood and provide heat for your whole patio.

This antique-style chiminea is made of cast iron and has a bronze finish. Compared to other cast iron chimineas B H & G Antique chiminea is much cheaper. We can see that the construction is a bit thinner than you would expect, so the longevity might be shorter than thick and heavy cast iron chimineas. However, it does come with a poker, lid on top, and even a nylon cover to protect against rain, snow, or other debris when not in use.

This large 360 degrees chiminea is the best budget chiminea on our list today and a perfect addition to any lounging area if you want something different but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Key features:

  • Cast iron construction
  • Large capacity
  • Nice bronze finish
  • 360 degrees view of the fire
  • Cheap
  • It comes with a lid and cover


  • Thin metal construction

BALI OUTDOORS Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit, Chimenea

We have already reviewed a bunch of wood-burning fire pits from Bali Outdoors, so it’s no surprise to see their product on the best chimineas list too. Their cast iron chiminea has a black matte look to represent classic authentic chiminea and features a ton of accessories for easy use and care.

The 22 x 22 x 45 inches cast iron construction weighs almost 53 lbs. and stands on three sturdy legs to elevate the chiminea from the ground. A wide 22-inch cage has plenty of room for 16-inch firewood logs. The whole middle sectioned has fine mesh for a nice view of the fire all around the chiminea. A wide sliding door provides easy access to add more fuel or when using a grill grate for food. We love the small sliding ash drawer at the bottom for an easy clean-up after use.

As mentioned above, if you want, you can grill or cook food in this chiminea with the included grill grate and a convenient poker. The best part is that this lovely looking, high-quality, and nicely designed chiminea is not expensive at all! For this reason, it takes the overall best chiminea spot on our list today.

Key features:

  • Cast iron
  • Sturdy construction
  • Beautiful classic look
  • Large capacity
  • 360 degrees fire view
  • It can be used to grill, cook, or smoke.
  • Easy clean-up
  • Lid


  •  None

Kotulas Cabin-Style Outdoor Cooking Steel Chiminea

Love grilling but want something different than a regular fire pit? Kotulas Cabin-style chiminea is an amazing heat and fire source that looks like a small cabin. You’ll have plenty of space for grilling, while the small chimney will protect you from the pesky smoke.

The 0.8 mm – 1 mm thickness gauge steel construction is sturdy enough to stand firmly on any surface. The whole chiminea has a high-temperature finish and lovely deer engraved at the front to add some Northwoods vibes. You’ll also have poker and an ash shovel included in the purchase.

The chiminea’s unusual design makes it the center of entertainment during gatherings with friends and family. The opening and inside are big enough to add a grill grate for 4-6 people or use it for a cozy fire and marshmallow roasting.

The only disadvantage with this great-looking chiminea is the steel construction that is much more prone to rusting. Make sure to get a cover for it or add an additional heatproof paint coat.

Key features:

  • Exceptional design
  • Gauge steel construction
  • Large enough to grill food
  • Poker and shovel included.


  • Prone to rust

Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace Model 30199

Standing at over 4 feet tall, Sonora is the best chiminea from Deckmate to date. Not only that the tall tube will protect everyone around from the smoke, but the build itself is remarkably sturdy with an alluring rubbed bronze finish.

The 21 x 21 x 51.6 inches chiminea weighs 75 lbs. making it very stable on any surface. It features a fine wire mesh body to provide an all-around view of the fire. The big chamber can easily fit 16-inch logs and even some 18-inch ones. A sliding door will give easy access to add firewood, while the ash drawer makes it easy to clean up after every use with the provided poker.

We love the construction of the chiminea and the whole build in general; however, the grate to hold burning wood seems to lack quality. Other than that, Sonora is the best large chiminea on our list in 2021.

Key features:

  • Large capacity
  • Cast iron construction
  • Rubber bronze finish
  • Tall tube for smoke
  • Can fit large logs
  • Ash drawer
  • Poker with hanger


  • Grate quality seems sub-par.
  • Quite expensive

Venetian Grill Wood Burning Chiminea Charcoal Color

Blue Rooster is one of the top chiminea manufacturers you can find. They strive to engineer their chimineas to last a lifetime and put their money where their mouth is with a lifetime warranty! If you are willing to splurge and want a product to last you a lifetime, then Blue Rooster Venetian chiminea is the best luxury chiminea for you.

The large opening allows you to easily add firewood logs of up to 16 – 18 inches. The company says the chamber easily fits up to 20-inch logs, but we think they’re pushing it a little bit, but you probably could fit one or two such length logs.

Ok, so the chiminea is for a lifetime and is big enough for big parties, but for us, the best part is the stunning Venetian-style exterior. The black matte finish with engravings mimicking old Italian Gothic-style columns will be an eye-catcher, and you’ll definitely get a ton of compliments. Even if you don’t use the chiminea often, it will be a fantastic addition to your outdoor living space style and decor.

Key features:

  • Cast aluminum construction (will not rust)
  • Large capacity
  • Amazing Venetian style
  • Very durable and rust-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive

Sunnydaze Modern Chiminea

Tight on space but want a bigger fire source to heat up the patio? Sunnydaze heavy-duty cold-rolled steel chiminea is large enough to heat big spaces but doesn’t take half of your patio. The 18-inch wide chiminea body (22-inch width legs) and large opening easily fit standard-sized logs. The sturdy steel provides a lot of heat around the chiminea, making it a perfect lounging spot during cold nights.

You can use the chiminea for grilling if needed. Just remove the wood grate and add your own grilling grate (not included).

This chiminea is made from a bit thinner steel compared to other chimineas; that’s why it weighs just 30 lbs. On the one hand, yes, it’s a bit more portable, but on the other hand, it’s not as sturdy and might rust faster. Sunnydaze does give a 1-year warranty in case of any early malfunctions or breaks. There is also no lid or cover with chiminea, so if you want it to last more than a year, make sure to get a cover that protects chiminea from rain and moisture in general.

Key features:

  • Cold-rolled steel construction
  • Space-saving design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • The rustic, old-school log cabin design


  • A bit flimsy
  • No chimney lid
  • No spark guard

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: clay or metal chiminea?

Clay chimineas usually are a bit more expensive (thick cast iron chimineas come close), but they do provide an exceptionally authentic, rustic, and warm atmosphere to your backyard. Clay can deteriorate over time, and you really shouldn’t try to move a clay chiminea once it’s been used for a while. The combination of extreme heat, outdoor moisture, and freezing may cause the clay to crack and fail. If it fails while you have a fire burning, it could be a real hazard.  Metal chimineas come in many varieties.  Sheet steel is light, cheap, portable, and prone to rust through.  Cast iron are very heavy and durable.  Cast aluminum are probably the best chimineas out there as they will not rust like steel, they will not break apart like clay, and they aren’t as heavy as cast iron. 

If you want a short-term chiminea that is portable, go sheet steel.

If you want a chiminea to last a lifetime, go with cast aluminum.

Is a chiminea better than a fire pit?

Not necessarily; it depends on how you want to use it.  Wood-burning fire pits are better for big open fires that everyone can gather around and see.  Chimineas are better for smaller fires for several people with less smoke and more heat holding capability due to the chimney and surround.  Chimineas are a bit safer because a strong wind won’t blow hot embers across your yard.

Will chiminea produce enough heat to keep people warm in the backyard?

The bigger space you are trying to heat, the bigger fire you will need.  To warm a large group, you will need a larger chiminea.  You will never warm the yard with any size fire (unless you have a small yard and a large bonfire).  If you are trying to warm a circle of friends gathered around the chiminea on a chilly evening, then yes, any of these will work.

If you want to heat a larger area of your patio or backyard, take a look at the Best Patio Heaters in 2022.[1] 

Can I put my chiminea on a wood deck?

Yes, you can put your chiminea on a wood deck; just keep in mind that there might be sparks and embers shooting out. To protect your deck, you can put chiminea legs on bricks or other non-combustible surfaces and have mesh grates so falling sparks won’t cause damage. If your budget isn’t too tight, we advise getting a heatproof fire pit mat[2] ; it’s an easy option to keep your deck safe.

Do I need a cover for my chiminea?

Some chimineas have lids for the chimney, but only a few include a cover. In general, all chimineas, no matter if they are made of clay, cast iron, steel, or copper, should be covered from rain or snow. A clay chiminea must be kept dry in freezing temperatures, or it will crack. The more you protect your chiminea, the longer it will last.  Sheet metal chimineas are prone to rust, so covering them will extend their lifespan.  Covers also help you avoid having a fire pit full of rainwater the next time you want to start a fire.

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Top 7 Ash Buckets for 2021

If you have a fire pit in the backyard or a fireplace of any kind that burns wood, you know the hassle of dealing with hot ash and embers. You probably even ruined one or two plastic containers thinking the ash was already cool, just to find the side of the bucket with a hole the next morning. Maybe it’s finally time to get a proper ash bucket that won’t warp, melt, or damage your floor? Today, we’re looking at the top 7 ash buckets for 2021. 

What is a Good Ash Bucket?

ash bucket next to a wood stove
used ash bucket

It’s a bucket; it shouldn’t be complicated, right? 100%! Ash buckets should be able to hold hot ash without breaking or damaging the surface it’s set on. A good ash bucket’s main features should be proper material like galvanized iron so it won’t warp, a handle to carry the bucket, and a double-layered bottom to prevent burn through. 

Best Ash Bucket Reviews

Amagabeli Bucket for Fireplace

The Amagabeli ash bucket has a durable construction of a 0.4 mm thick iron plate layer and a beautiful black finish. This allows holding cooled ash and embers from your fireplace, carrying kindling, or even hot charcoal. Just don’t keep hot embers or charcoal for a long time, this will damage the paint, and your bucket might start to rust.

The bucket comes with a 0.7 inch raised bottom to protect your surface from heat damage. However, you should always place it safely outside or on a fireplace hearth to be extra safe.

Finally, the bucket has a very large spout, flexible handle, and a pocket on the side to conveniently and neatly pour out the ashes.

A beautiful bucket that is not only easy to use but looks great on your fireplace hearth. If you’re not too price-sensitive, Amagabeli is one of the best ash buckets on our list.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful looks
  • Raised bottom
  • Thick iron plate layer
  • Large spout for easy pouring


  • A bit expensive
  • No lid

Panacea 15343 Ash Bucket with Shovel

This Panacea bucket comes with a small shovel for easy ash collection and keeping your fireplace clean and tidy. You’ll also have a bucket lid to protect the ash from being blown out if you place your bucket outside and a comfortable wood handle for transportation.

This heavy-duty steel bucket is 12.5-inch diameter and 13-inch in height with a powder coat to prevent rust and paint flaking. Panacea 15343 doesn’t have a double or lifted bottom, so make to keep it on your fireplace hearth or other non-combustible surfaces.

All in all, it’s a lovely set that can be used inside or outside for easy cooled ash collection and disposal.

Key Features:

  • Powder-coated
  • A lid to keep the ash from spilling
  • Shovel included
  • Wood handle


  • No double or lifted bottom

Smedley and York Coal and Ash Bucket 

Keep your fireplace tidy with Smedley and York ash bucket. This classic-looking black bucket comes with a metal shovel and a broom. It has a 2-gallon capacity to store logs, coal, ash, or pellets.

The bucket is made from galvanized iron, so it’s safe to shovel warm ash, but not advised to store hot coal since it doesn’t have a double bottom.

This set is perfect to have near your fireplace as you don’t need to use your house shovel or broom to collect the ash, and the bucket itself can hold ash from 2-3 fireplace burns. Additionally, the beautiful design and classic black color will fit nicely with most fireplaces and hearths.

Key Features:

  • Classic look
  • It comes with a shovel and broom.
  • Made from galvanized iron
  • Has a lid


  • A bit expensive

Vestil PAIL-STL-RI Steel Open Head Pail

Vestil steel open bucket is the best budget ash bucket on our list. If you don’t need anything fancy and just want a simple steel bucket to transfer cool ash from your fireplace, Vestil might be your best option.

This 5-gallon bucket measures 13-3/8 x 11-7/8 inches and is coated with rust inhibitors to prevent corrosion. This pail is made from thin steel, making it super lightweight. However, this also means it should not hold any hot ash or embers for any period of time; otherwise, it may warp, melt, or damage the surface beneath it.

It’s a nice, cheap option if you want a simple bucket for your ash, coal, pellets, or don’t have a firewood rack.

Key Features:

  • Inexpensive
  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for hot ash
  • No lid

Minuteman International Scoop Coal Hod Pellet Bucket

This large pail from the Minuteman company is great for holding pellets, kindling, coal, and of course, ash. The 14-inch diameter and 14-inch height is large enough to scoop out ash from 3-4 fireplace burns or 30-40 lbs. of pellets.

This bucket, being constructed of galvanized steel with a double bottom for insulation, can hold hot ash without warping or damaging your floor (we still advise keeping it on your hearth).

A large spout is helpful to easily pour out any contents without making a mess. There is also a black metal scoop, but it felt a bit flimsy and lacked sturdiness.

If you don’t mind the shovel, the bucket is of excellent quality, easy to use, can hold hot ash, and looks good, making it the best large ash bucket on our list.

Key Features:

  • Stylish design
  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Double bottom
  • Large capacity
  • Large spout
  • Metal scoop


  • Scoop is a bit flimsy.

Plow & Hearth Double Bottom Metal Fireplace Ash Bucket

Plow & Hearth ash bucket is overall the best ash bucket for your fireplace on our list. It has a double bottom to hold hot ash, 3-gallon capacity, 28 gauge galvanized steel, and a beautiful charcoal black finish to match your fireplace.

The bucket has a 10-inch diameter and 13-inch height with a lightweight powder-coated steel lid and a handle with a wooden grip for comfortable handling inside or outside.

Beautiful finish, high-quality construction, and easy handling are worth every dollar.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy build
  • Beautiful modern design
  • Made from galvanized iron
  • Powder-coated
  • It comes with a lid
  • Wooden handle
  • Perfect for inside or outside use


  • None

Hisencn Wider Fireplace Ash Bucket

To end our list, we have another large ash bucket that can also be used for pellets, coal, or storing kindling. Hisencn fireplace ash bucket’s opening mouth is 16.1 x 13.9-inches with 11.8-inches in height. The large spout and a side pocket allow you to easily pour out the contents without making a mess. Additionally, you can store quite a bit of tinder or kindling in this bucket.

The strong galvanized iron is heat resistant, so you can scoop out warm ash without damaging the bucket, while the lifted support base will protect your wooden flooring if you forget to place your bucket on the fireplace hearth.

Overall, a high-quality large multipurpose ash bucket for any fireplace, grill, wood oven, or other miscellaneous landscaping tasks.

Key Features:

  • Large capacity
  • Large spout
  • Side pocket for easy pouring
  • Made from galvanized iron
  • Lifted bottom


  • No lid

Frequently Asked Questions

hot coals

Where Should I Store My Ash Bucket?

Even when handling barely warm or cool ashes and embers, take extra safety and store your ash bucket at least 3 feet away from any combustible material or surface. If your bucket doesn’t have a double or raised bottom, keep it on a non-combustible surface like cement or bricks; if you’re storing your ash bucket indoors, keep it on your fireplace hearth.

Why Do I Need an Ash Bucket? Why Remove Ash at All?

Everyone knows that burning solid fuels like wood, pellets, or coal will leave a bunch of ash behind. The ash leftovers can dramatically reduce the performance of your fire pit, fireplace, or stove by reducing air intake.

Ash build-up will also collect moisture, which will cause a metal fire pit to rust over time.

More importantly, ashes act as an insulator and stop hot coals from burning out. Hot embers insulated with ash can stay dormant for up to 4 days! This might be a fire hazard and a danger to unsuspecting people later using the fireplace or children playing around it. 

That’s why it is always important to remove ash after every burn and make sure all the embers burn out. Let the fire burn out, and give the embers a few hours to cool before you go after them.  Large piles of scorching embers makes the job much more dangerous.  Let them cool a bit and then scoop the ashes into your ash bucket and keep it in a place away from combustible material.

How to Safely Dispose of Fire Pit Ashes?

If your fireplace has finished burning, use your poker and look for any hot embers; if you find any, push them to the side and let them cool. It’s best not to put hot embers in an ash bucket, at least not for a long time, especially if it is not made from galvanized iron.

When there are no more hot embers, you can collect the ash into your ash bucket and store it away from anything flammable for extra safety. If possible, store your ash bucket outside on a non-combustible base.

The danger when disposing of your ashes is hot embers.  Dumping them out in the tall grass or below trees is dangerous because organic material could easily catch fire.  The safest option for your ashes is to mix them into the bare soil of a garden and water them down.  This will ensure that all of the hot embers have been extinguished, and it will help to fertilize your garden.

If you don’t have a garden, you can dig a small depression in the ground near the corner of your yard, dump the ashes in and water them down.  At the end of the burning season, you can cover the ashes with soil.