Top 7 Best Free-standing Wood Burning Fire Pits for Your Patio in 2021 – A Buyers Guide

small wood fire pit

Who doesn’t love just sitting back on your patio and enjoying a chilled drink after work? It’s a perfect way to end your day. If you want to make it even better, get yourself a wood-burning fire pit. The crackling sound of firewood and cozy warmth will create an incredibly cozy and inviting atmosphere without leaving a big dent in your pocket. Today we’re looking at the best free-standing fire pits for your patio in 2021.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Free-standing Fire Pit

Before jumping into the list, you need to consider a couple of things before buying a free-standing fire pit.


First of all, where will you position your fire pit? Almost all fire pits are required to be placed on non-flammable surfaces like concrete, grass, or any other non-combustible surface. If you don’t have a fire-resistant surface, you should get yourself a fire pit mat to protect any surface underneath from high-temperature, fire, and sparks flying out of the pit.

Using Wood

Secondly, remember that wood-burning fire pits use, well… wood to burn. You’ll need to have space for firewood and also equipment to clean up all the coal and ember after using the fire pit. Make sure you find the best wood for your fire pit (we suggest going for Oak or fruit woods). If you don’t want to deal with all the cleaning process and storing wood, you might just go for a propane or natural gas fire pit.


Finally, the material the fire pit is made of is very important as well. Copper looks nice but will tarnish and won’t be the cheapest. Cast Iron fire pits will be very solid and stable because of the weight. If you want something a bit more portable, go for a steel fire pit, but keep it from rain and moisture since it’s more likely to rust.

Top 7 Best Wood Burning Fire Pit Reviews

1. KINGSO Wood Burning BBQ Fire Pit

Let’s start the list with a small wood-burning fire pit from KINGSO. This 22-inch fire pit is quite versatile since it can be used as a beautiful fire pit and to cook marshmallows also. The set includes a fire pit, spark screen, coal grate, and ember poker with a wooden handle.

We love the versatility, looks, and portability of this small fire pit. If you’re not cooking a marshmallow, just pop the spark screen on and enjoy the beautiful and warm fire. If we’re being honest, the spark screen is not that good at preventing sparks from flying out, probably blocks like 30% of sparks or jumping embers; however, it does look very aesthetically pleasing.

All in all, the bonus of grilling and low price makes KINGSO wood-burning BBQ fire pit the best budget wood burning fire pit on our list.

2. OOX Fire Pit

Here we have another small 22-inch wood-burning fire pit. This thick steel fire pit is sturdy and has a high-temperature paint finish that adds additional rust protection.

We love the OOX Fire Pit since it comes with a variety of accessories. The set includes a fire pit bowl, wood grate, grill grate, spark cover, poker, and even a PVC cover to protect from rain and dust if you’re going to keep it outside.

The only disadvantage we encountered is that the high legs on this small fire pit aren’t as stable as we would like them to be. The added height does make it easier to grill with, but make sure you locate it on a leveled surface.

Overall, the low price and lots of accessories make the OOX Fire Pit the best small wood-burning fire pit on our list.

3. Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

The Martin Extra Deep wood burning fire pit from Pleasant Hearth Store is a beautiful square-shaped fire pit. The steel fire pit is quite heavy and has a low base, making it very sturdy and extremely stable. However, remember that the low fire pit base should be placed on a heat-resistant surface like concrete or a heat-resistant mat.

As mentioned in the name, the Martin fire pit is extra deep and 26-inch in size; this allows it to hold a lot of wood, making a massive fire.

This fire pit also has grilling grates in case you want to have a BBQ party with your friends and family. The easy-to-use wood poker can also be used to take the spark screen on or off and adjust the grill grates.

If you’re looking for a beautiful but sturdy fire pit that could also be used as a grill, the Martin Extra Deep wood burning fire pit is a great option.

4. Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

Look at this big boy! This multi-functional 32-inch beast not only holds a ton of wood but also has a raised 18-inch grill for all your BBQ needs. The grate also turns 360 degrees, and an additional round grill grates around the fire pit itself if you want to keep the food warm but away from direct fire.

We love the low four metal legs that make this big fire pit stable on any surface. A deep 24-inch height bowl will hold a lot of wood to create a large fire. Usually, most 2 in 1 grill and fire pits can burn your food in an instant, but Bali Outdoors elevated grill grate allows you to enjoy a large fire and still properly cook your food.

If you have enough space on your patio and love big fires, Bali Outdoors black fire pit will be a great addition to your household.

5. Landman Big Sky Stars and Moon Fire Pit

Looking for a fire pit that would create a warmer atmosphere during evening nights in your backyard or patio? Landman Big Sky Stars and Moon fire pit will not only warm you up but also creates beautiful shadows on your patio!

The 23-½ inch size fire pit is not the largest but still holds enough wood for a big fire. The low-medium height base is made from steel, making the pit very sturdy and steady. Steel construction and black paint finish make the pit rust-resistant even if you leave it uncovered.

Don’t need a BBQ grill but a beautiful fire pit? Landman Big Sky Stars and Moon fire pit is the most beautiful wood-burning fire pit on our list that will create a great fire and shadow show on your patio.

6. Innfinest 6-1 Large Bonfire Fire Pit

We’re getting into the big leagues now! Innfinest 6 in 1 Fire Pit is larger than most fire pits on our list. The 36-inch fire pit has water drainage holes, so you won’t have to do any DIY work in case of rain.

The set also includes a fire pit cover, spark mesh, ash plate, and assembly tools.

This large wood-burning fire pit weighs 28 lbs because of the thick steel construction, so it’s not very portable but sturdy and long-lasting.

If you have a big household or patio space, this large pit might just fit the bill. The Innerfest Fire Pit is one of the best large wood-burning fire pits on your list.

7. Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit

Ohio Flame 48 inch giant fire pit is individually made and numbered in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty! This handmade beast is pure plate steel and will take years to wear, but it does weigh 260 pounds, so you won’t be moving it often.

The extremely solid, rugged construction and large diameter will burn a lot of wood and create a cozy and warm atmosphere for large parties.

The thick steel won’t rust even if it’s outside in the rain. It also has drain holes, so you won’t need to do a lot of cleaning.

If you have a large patio or backyard without a fire pit, consider the Ohio Flame Patriot fire pit. It is the best large wood-burning fire pit on our list that acts as a significant source of heat and as a beautiful patio piece and will definitely turn heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will wood burning fire pit give enough heat?

Yes. Wood-burning fire pits produce the most heat of all types of fire pits. Wood produces the biggest flames and is the best option if you need to heat your patio properly.

The heat level also depends on the wood used. If you want the most heat go for Oak; if that’s not possible other options are walnut or pine.

Can I use any wood in a fire pit?

You can use any wood as long as it is not wet, rotten, diseased, and moldy. That kind of wood might create toxic smoke and be bad for your health.

In general, the best wood to use is hardwoods. The best hardwood is Oak, Birch, Hickory, Ash, and Fruit Trees. These will produce the most heat and the least smoke.

Do I need to worry about starting a fire?

Absolutely. These natural wood fire pits burn natural wood, so there will always be hot embers and ashes rising into the air. You must be sure that there are no low-hanging trees to catch fire, and don’t place these too close to any wooden structures. If you are placing a fire pit on a deck, always use a protective fireproof pad underneath. If you want a fire pit that does not pose as much risk, try a propane fire pit.