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Outdoor Oasis Landscape Ideas

One sunny morning, you were peacefully sitting by the garden, looking at all the greenery while sipping hot coffee, when suddenly a thought comes knocking- why don’t I update my yard and create an outdoor oasis?

After years of having your yard look the same, you have finally come to terms with the idea of revamping it. However, you find yourself getting lost in all the possible designs and styles you can have on your property.

With that in mind, we have prepared a carefully crafted list of 15 beautiful ideas to help you transform your garden into an outdoor oasis.

Table of Contents

1. Multiple Levels

You should consider creating multiple levels in your garden using terraced patios. Not only does this add aesthetics to the architectural design of your home, but it also creates an illusion of an even bigger area. This technique can work in many different landscapes; just be sure that you are not causing any drainage issues when terracing.

2. Firepit

Who doesn’t’ enjoy a crackling fire. The sites, sounds, and smells of a crackling fire can really enhance our outdoor time. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a few Smores now and then? Make sure that you put it far enough away from the house and foliage to avoid any fire issues, but place it close enough to enjoy it. When the sun goes down and the night gets chilly, this will be the new hangout spot in your yard.

3. Outdoor Dining / Living Area

This might be upon your existing deck or patio, or you may want to create an entirely separate dining or living area. Outdoor living rooms and kitchens have become more popular over the years. What used to be only in tropical climates has spread worldwide, and the possibilities are endless.

The installation of patios, grilling areas, refrigerators, couches, tables, lamps, and even fireplaces can be accomplished in all climates. A mid-garden dining or living area in your yard will certainly change up the flow and feel of your landscape. Whether it be a long wooden table for a feast of family, a small round table with a few chairs for a cozy cup of coffee, or a full-blown kitchen and living room, a new outdoor dining area might be just the thing your yard needs.

4. Treehouse

Everybody loves a sturdy treehouse! Both kids and adults will surely enjoy this and consider it a wonderful retreat. The kids will turn it into a play area, and the adults can enjoy hanging out while reminiscing about their childhood. I know, A bit out of the ordinary, but just think of the possibilities!

5. Water Fountain

The calming and enticing sounds of running water will fill visitors’ minds with curiosity and interest. We just can’t resist running water. Humans are drawn to it. Whether it be a small garden fountain in the corner or a large fountain display in the patio center, a fountain can be created to fit any yard and lifestyle.

Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, from large ornamental concrete structures to a small bubbling boulder. There is sure to be a fountain to fit your style. They are easy to install and low maintenance, so they can be a relatively economical option for any yard! A water fountain of any sort will also attract the birds, so if you love the site and the sounds of our feathered friends, a fountain may be in your future.

6. Plant Walls

You can use plants to break up a dull yard, creating hidden spaces and interest at every corner. Plant walls can add privacy from neighbors, can hide mechanicals, and can be used to create separation anywhere in your yard. Many different plants are well suited for this.

Whether you are looking for a tall hedge or a line of shorter shrubs, you can create some great interest by adding a few walls. Be sure to choose plants suited for your environment and size requirements. Climbing vines can be used on existing fences and walls to change your yard’s look and feel. Some new vines in your landscapes can provide a touch of green or a bright pop of color to any vertical surface.

8. Pool

If you own a large property, do not miss out on installing a swimming pool! A formal in-ground swimming pool is an entirely different vibe than the other smaller, more natural water features.

A pool somehow conveys affluence, elegance, and an air of relaxation. Floating in or relaxing next to a well-designed pool will make you feel like your yard has become a fancy resort. Now, all that you need is someone to bring you frosty drinks from time to time, and you are all set. Your yard may just become the neighborhood hotspot, so if you don’t like crowds, you may want to install that plant wall at the property line first.

9. Pond

If having a pool is a bit too much for your budget or just doesn’t fit with your yard’s natural look, consider the possibility of installing a pond. Ponds can range from very small with a tiny little sprinkle of water to colossal swimming ponds that can be used as a natural alternative to the swimming pool. Most end up somewhere in the middle.

A nicely sized pond that sits next to your deck or patio with a small waterfall or stream can add interest and life to your yard. A pond full of beautiful koi, goldfish, and frogs will provide hours and days of relaxation and entertainment while you sit and gaze into the cool, clear water. The pond will also allow you to experiment with some plants that would otherwise be impossible to grow in your yard. Water lilies and marginal aquatic plants can bring a whole new look to your yard.

10. Front Cozy Space

Having a cozy patio in front of your property can be a great spot to welcome guests or just hang out reading a book or keeping an eye on the neighborhood. We often frequent the backyard, but hanging out in the front yard on a cute little patio is a sure-fire way to get to know more of your neighbors.

11. Dramatic Trees

Maybe the “bones” of your landscape are good, and all that it needs is one or two big dramatic trees to add that unique look. You can definitely change the feel of a yard with a few well-placed trees. Imagine a massive pair of cypress trees towering over your yard or a large and sprawling Oak to provide shade and a place for a swing.

I know some of these ideas will be hard to attain given some trees’ slow growth. But, depending on your budget, there are many options for planting very large trees using equipment. Look for a tree mover in your area. You will be surprised how large they can go.

12. Herb Garden

Having your own herb garden is a good idea. This is one of those plant groups that are easy to maintain and provide a look and smell like no other garden. You can place them inside a planting bed or create a separate planter for them. Either way, going out to the backyard to pick some fresh herbs for your evening meal sounds delightful.

13. Gravel Garden

Are you tired of grass and plants? Why not choose gravel instead? Minimalism has become a trend nowadays. Creating flowing patterns of various sands, gravels and stones might just be a way to add a bit of out-of-the-ordinary flair. Add a few larger accent boulders, and you could have an exciting design concept.

14. Adding Topiary

Nothing screams fun like topiary. Topiaries are perennial plants that are trained and shaped into fancy elements. Although they require extra care and maintenance, they will add that extra wow factor and add a playful ambiance in your front or backyard. You can shape these plants into dogs, rabbits, birds, and even human characters!

You need to have the patience for this or a big pocketbook; good topiary takes a whole lot of time, and buying a large established topiary can be quite expensive.

15. Zen Garden

This is another addition that can be similar to the popular minimalist trend. The Japanese have created such a beautiful theme. The Zen garden is designed for flow and meditation.

The addition of rocks to signify the water, earth, wood, metal, and fire elements is an important feature. Dry waterfalls and sand can also be added. Don’t forget the small wooden rake so that you can change the sand patterns as you see fit.

Wrapping it Up

There are a wide array of choices for creating your backyard landscape oasis. My advice would be to take some time to visualize the different accents and get a feel for how they will change your yard. Once you have the ideas, try to lay them out on-site using boards, stakes, string, garden hose, paint, or whatever you need to do to give yourself the rough feel for the project. Walk it and live with it a bit before deciding to go ahead.

Landscaping can be expensive and hard work that is hard to change once it is installed. You want to be sure before you commit to these new design ideas.

Most people don’t need to hire a designer. Most people know what they like; they have simply never taken the time to dream. Dream it and then make it a reality. Believe me, creating your own dream will be more satisfying than creating the vision of someone else. Best of luck with your oasis landscape! Revamp your yard and create the best outdoor oasis for you and your family.