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Climate Change

Table of Contents

Greenhouse Gasses


Consuming Too Much and Wasting Too Much

Generating more Power

Climate and Air

Effects/Impacts of Climate Change

Hotter Temperature

Increased Droughts

Soil Salinity

Health Effects of Climate Change

Worldwide Measures to Control Climate Change

Paris Agreement

COP (Conference of the parties)

NASA’s Role in Climate Change Control

Global Warming

Difference between Global Warming and Climate Change

Effects of Global Warming (similar to climate change)

  • A rise in average atmospheric temperature
  • Extreme weather events (hottest summers, mild winters, droughts, etc.)
  • Melting of glaciers
  • Acidification of oceans
  • Soil salinization
  • Respiratory, cancerous, and other diseases to humans
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem disturbance



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